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    The Definitive Home for The Classic WoW Community, Built by the Classic WoW Community

    Classic WoW enthusiasts the world over, we welcome everyone to our labor of love, ClassicWoW.live! This project is a hub for you and the community to enjoy everything that encompasses Classic WoW. The community has been the main drive for such a project, and we want to give back as much as we can to the best community we have ever been a part of. The people we met, the laughter, and lasting memories have been pivotal for all of us over the years. Talented people from all over the world are coming together to bring the community rich and wholesome content for all to enjoy. This is a project that is the ultimate community resource; for the community, by the community. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

  • The Management Team

    "Follow your dreams, they know the way"

    - Kobi Yamada


    Founder / Full Stack Engineer

    I'm a Classic veteran who forged my reputation playing as Alliance on the Horde dominated Mal’Ganis US server. The character DPS tool that I am developing hopes to pay homage to both the theorycrafting started so long ago on the Elitist Jerks forums, and the community that has carried it on to this day. My experience as both a high ranked PvPer and as one of the few to originally clear Naxxramas lends unique and valuable experience to the community we plan to build at ClassicWoW.live.

    Connor - "Aspiring Musician"

    Community Manager

    I'm a Classic WoW enthusiast, try-hard, and unsurprisingly, a musician. I plan on being a core part of the ClassicWoW.live Project as well as a streamer, with aspirations of being the server first Scarab Lord as well as the first to clear Naxxramas come Classic's release.

    Founder / Content Creator / Public Relations

    I started making videos with my brother Melderon, because of the passion and love that I have for Classic WoW. I believe that it is more than just a game; it is a journey, and an adventure full of so many emotions and stories. I want to share this passion with all those who feel the same. Together we have brought this dream into fruition. Now together, we have created a site that can be a true home for all of us. I look forward to seeing you all on ClassicWoW.live, and in Azeroth. Keep on key bindin' and grindin' baby.


    Streaming Manager

    Hi! I'm Docken and I became involved in the project because I wanted to become part of a community that was creating Classic World of Warcraft content. I really enjoy the gameplay of Classic World of Warcraft and look forward to growing with this amazing community of fans, content creators, site users, and most importantly, players of the game! I'll see you in Azeroth!


    Founder / Tool Developer / Theorycrafter

    I am a healer, raider, content creator and entertainer. Over the last 14 years, on both retail and private servers, I have mained Resto Shaman, Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Druid and Holy Paladin across the competitive US scene. Along with Navak, I aim to develop quality comprehensive content around Classic WoW in an effort to raise the bar on player preparedness and ability. You’ll likely catch me publishing guides, tutorial videos and, come Classic, on stream no-lifing the High Warlord grind on my Black Qiraji Battle Tank.

    Founder / Content Creator / Logistics

    I am an entrepreneur, U.S. Army soldier, and lifelong gamer from NYC and currently living in San Francisco. I stream and make video content on YouTube primarily for WoW Classic. I hope to continue to build my channel and this project and to become a positive influence in the Classic WoW community. I hope that more people can enjoy the same life changing experience I had when I stepped into Azeroth for the first time at age 13.

    Founder / Content Creator / Operations

    I started the Defcamp and Melderon TV YouTube channel after Nostalrius's shutdown because I wanted to be part of the fight to bring Vanilla back! Now even with Classic's official announcement, my passion has not waned. That's why the other founders and I decided to make something truly special for the Classic community - a home. When I have time to play Classic, I'll be leveling my Orc Shaman! Lok'tar Ogar!

    Founder / Guide Writer / Database Engineer

    I have been playing WoW since beta and enjoy bringing people useful content. Whether the content is guides, spreadsheets or other ways to help, I'm excited to be in a position to turn more ideas into realities. This includes better tools and guides. Also, I want to build a knowledge hub that can be trusted by everyone as the source for optimizing your game. With Classic coming, it's a chance for me to relive the best gaming experience I have ever had, and I want to be there with you guys so that this time is just as good as the first!


    Founder / Tool Developer / Theorycrafter

    I'm a Theorycrafter extraordinaire, debugger, spreadsheet enthusiast, and TBC Gladiator. I am also a Classic veteran from 2004 and partner-in-crime to the legendary healer, Egregious. My current Classic projects include full Horde & Alliance leveling guides and a modern zero-sum DKP system. Catch me on Twitch when Classic launches for Warrior gameplay and innovative theorycraft.

  • Content Partners

    Our soul and lifeblood

    Chimly Channel

    Musical Exploration and Discussion

    Hey folks, I'm Chimly and I've been a big Classic advocate ever since the days of Nostalrius. On my channel, alongside discussion videos, I run a series called ScoreCraft, which is an exploration of the music of World of Warcraft. I weave nostalgic, lore-focused storytelling in with easily understandable analysis of how and why the music we love works so well! Whoever said doing a degree in music wouldn't come in handy?

    Guides, Podcasts, and Analysis

    Classic Azeroth came together after Nostalrius closed, and was originally dedicated to spreading the voice of the Classic community, however and wherever possible. Now that Classic has been announced, we aim to ease the wait by creating content dedicated to the exploration of the old world. Going forward, we hope to share our passion of old Azeroth to all those who call it home.

    Guides, Let's Plays, Podcasts, and Analysis

    Hey, guys! Defcamp and Melderon TV is a Classic WoW content Channel that focuses on guides, lets plays, tutorials, lore, discussions, and interviews with creators and players plus so much more! Our passion and love for Classic WoW is what drives us to make the best content that we can. We love being a part of this community and can't wait to share more of our content with you, guys!

    Guides, Lore, and Analysis

    Hello everyone, it's Frostadamus. I am a YouTube content creator that makes videos on Classic WoW. I really enjoy delving into the lore and the vast amount of items available to players throughout the game.

    Guides and Analysis

    I’m Hamsterwheel, a YouTube content creator that focuses mainly on older versions of WoW, including Classic. Making videos has always been a great way for me to let my creativity and fantasy run wild, from coming up with new ideas, to what footage to use. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing as a hobby. When Classic launches, I hope to level together with my friends the same way we did 13 years ago when we were just new to the game. And, I also hope to once again annoy the heck out of people for rolling as a Balance Druid.

    Guides and Analysis

    My channel focuses on producing a plethora of exclusive guides related to leveling, dungeons, raids, goldmaking, and PvP. I also plan to feature make more lighthearted videos pertaining to lore, zone exploration, and class fantasy. And, I also plan to consistently run partner streams with ClassicWoW.live, showing both gameplay and interviews with other members of the community.

    Guides and Analysis

    Less Than Epic (LTE) is made up of three guys: Blister, Radded, and NovapunkX that all have varying degrees of WoW expertise. Not only do we have a passion for Classic World of Warcraft, but all games in general. Less Than Epic is here to bring you guides, tips, tricks, and all things Classic.

    Guides and Analysis

    Hey, guys! Orcbit Here! I am a YouTube content creator and streamer that focuses on creating guides and other types of videos that revolve around Classic WoW. I am very excited to be part of the ClassicWoW.live team as I think it will be a great resource for the community. When Classic launches, I plan on leveling an Orc Shaman - no surprise there!

    Guides, Comedy, and Machinima

    Hi, I’m Platinum! I make Classic/Blizzard related content on YouTube. I focus on making my videos fun, well produced, and the best quality possible! My specialties include video editing and machinima creation. My plan is to produce videos for ClassicWoW.live and play and be one of the cutting edge raiders in Classic.

  • Staff

    The spirits that bind us


    Forum Moderator

    I'm excited to be back as a moderator for a fun community project. I have experience in moderating other WoW-related forums and am eager to provide my expertise on ClassicWoW.live. I am here to maintain a civil and peaceful environment for discussion on the forums.

  • Streaming Partners

    Our harbingers. Our battle cry.

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